Great Taste is the world’s largest blind-tasted food awards. Judged by over 400 of the most demanding palates belonging to food critics, chefs, cooks, members of the Women’s Institute, farmers and a host of food writers and journalists, Great Taste is widely acknowledged as the most respected food accreditation scheme for artisan and speciality food producers. When a product wears a Great Taste label it carries a badge of honour but more importantly, the Great Taste logo is a signpost to a wonderful tasting product- and hundreds of judges have worked hard to discover the very best through hours and hours of blind-tasting a total of 10,000 different foods and drinks.

Great Taste is simply about taste, not clever branding or smart packaging. Judges are presented with a spoonful of jam, a pie, a slice of salami, or a cup of espresso, with no wrappings, jars or marks- and they taste, confer and re-taste before making the decision on whether a product should be a 1-, 2- or 3-star winner. In total more than 12 judges will have tasted and commented on each product.

Appledore Turkeys first entered the Great Taste awards in 2013 and have won awards each year since. In 2013 we gained an award for our Free Range Bronze Turkey, in 2014 an award for our Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown and in 2015 we were very pleased to have been awarded a one star award for our Free Range Bronze Turkey and a two star award for our Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown.

However, in 2016, we have surpassed ourselves by winning four Great Taste Awards:

  • 2* Traditional Farm Fresh Free Range Bronze Turkey
  • 1* Traditional Farm Fresh Free Range Turkey Bronze Crown
  • 1* Traditional Farm Fresh Barn Reared White Turkey
  • 1* Traditional Farm Fresh Barn Reared White Turkey Crown

This confirms, without doubt, that you will have a truly unique eating experience.

What have Great Taste said about our Turkeys?

‘Golden skinned, fat breasted bird which carved easily. Pleasingly aromatic’

‘Good appearance and lovely crispy skin.’

‘A beautiful bird. Great looking turkey that has a good bit of flavour going on.’

‘Lovely looking turkey with good golden colour.’

‘An attractive golden well cooked bird with moist appearance and delicious savoury aroma. Carved beautifully, juicy flesh with good texture and a simple, sweet taste.’

‘A plump, good looking bird with an even golden skin.’

What is Great Taste?

Great Taste is the largest and most trusted accreditation scheme for speciality and fine food & drink. Established in 1994, it encourages and mentors artisan food producers, offering a unique benchmarking and product evaluation service leading to an independent accreditation that enables small food and drink businesses to compete against supermarket premium own label brands.

Since 1994 over 90,000 products have been evaluated. This year 10,000 products were blind-tasted by panels of specialists: top chefs, cookery writers, food critics, restaurateurs and fine food retailers.

What are Great Taste judges looking for?

They’re looking for great texture and appearance. They judge the quality of ingredients and how well the maker has put the food or drink together. But above all, they are looking for truly great taste.

How do they work?

Working in small teams, experts taste 25 foods in each sitting, discussing each product as a coordinating food writer transcribes their comments directly onto the Great Taste website which producers access after judging is completed. Over the years, numerous food businesses, start-ups and well established producers have been advised how to modify their foods and have subsequently gone on to achieve Great Taste stars.

Any food that a judging team believes is worthy of Great Taste stars is judged by at least two further teams. Only when there is a consensus will an award be given- that means at least 16 judges will have tasted every accredited product. For Great Taste 3-star, every single judge attending the session, which can be as many as 40 experts must unanimously agree the food delivers that indescribable ‘wow’ factor.

What should consumers look for?

The logo. The Great Taste symbol is their guarantee a product has been through a rigorous and independent judging process. It’s not about smart packaging or clever marketing- it’s all about taste.


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