Traditional Speciality Guaranteed

When you order a Turkey from The Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association you can be sure of the tastiest possible Christmas meal.

EU legislation provides a system to protect food names on a geographical or traditional recipe basis. The system highlights regional and traditional food whose authenticity and origin can be guaranteed. Wine and cheese were some of the first to benefit, and within the UK the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey was the first product to gain recognition with a designation for ‘Traditional Speciality Guaranteed’.

The regulations state that to qualify a product ‘must be traditional or established by custom. Distinguishing features of the product must not be due to the geographical area it is produced in, nor entirely based on technical advances in the methods of production’.

The scheme requires annual inspections to ensure that protected products continue to comply with specifications. It protects registered products against imitation throughout the EU, and enables them to carry an EU symbol to help consumers recognise their traditional, authentic nature.